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I'm Chelsee Ramos

As an athlete that has trained at a very high level for a long time, I have come to know and understand the body quite well. I understand the physics of it; the way that it moves, feels, connects, and importantly, receives impact. I am most familiar with my own body but I have learned so much through working with so many different athletes throughout my life - coach or teammate. We all work a bit differently - that's why it's so important to become aware of how our own body works through cultivating a strong mind-body connection. 


Movement experience: I was tumbling before walking, and have coached it for 10 years. Currently get my fix of flips as part of the Milwaukee Bucks Trickers. I was a competitive cheerleader for 10 years winning 3 National titles in high school and briefly cheering at the most prestigious college with some of the best athletes I know. I then coached a coed high school cheerleading team for 4 years.


I have been practicing yoga for 5 years and have had a daily practice for 2 years. I started after I stopped cheering to stay in shape and keep my muscles healthy, but quickly discovered how much more went into it.  Yoga is so much more than the physical practice. I am now a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and I can confidently say that this practice has shaped me and taught me more than anything else in my life. All I want is to share the knowledge of this beautiful lifestyle while I continue on my own journey of self discovery.


I began learning to shuffle and cut shapes in 2018 after my first music festival (Electric Forest) and took no time to fall in love with all sorts of footwork and the community that surrounds it. I was fortunate to teach the first shuffle class in Wisconsin February 2020 after booking my first few private dance clients in the new year. I have now helped around 200 people along their journey, and began holding workshop experiences in Feb, 2021. Training and teaching dance is my newest practice in life, but I've been dancing in my room with my door shut for as long as I can remember. It has always been the thing that I held very close and didn't really share with anyone. It was very emotional and very vulnerable. That is why this movement means so much to me; It's been my therapy for as long as I can remember. It has always helped me connect to who I am and experience my emotions.  

This Movement is about aligning with our highest self, becoming more comfortable in our own skin to express ourselves vulnerably and authentically. Being able to connect, get lost, feel, balance, and love ourselves. And to come to terms with where we've been, and where we're at now, with a clear vision of where we're going - prepared to flow through whatever life throws us in pursuit of our joy.


Thank you for being a part of the movement, the world thanks you for bringing a better you into it. 


Much love,


I am Elev8ed Movement - but so are you.  It is so much bigger than either of us.  This movement is about raising the human collective consciousness by intentionally cultivating our connection to ourself and our world, tuning into something greater than ourselves in order to raise our awareness and bring a better version of ourselves to our lives.

We're here to explore what it is like to express ourselves authentically through movement and mindfulness practices.  We use the vehicles of yoga, mindfulness, and dance (shuffling/cutting shapes/other footwork).  I offer Private 1-on-1 time where I can help you specifically with anything you need, or you can take on the Challenges which are curated to guide one through building their shuffling and yoga foundation and further exploring their personal style - developing our state of flow on the dance floor, yoga mat, and in life.

The concept was born when I was. 

I have been emotion in motion my whole life- fully feeling the extents of my emotions and moving through whatever comes my way. I gained understanding of this concept in 2014 when I started doing yoga - then movement took on a whole new meaning. The name Elev8ed Movement was born when I started my Yoga School in summer of 2019. It was going to be my yoga retreat (with a side of shuffling) - and will be one day.  But the name found a first home after I hosted my first 30 day shuffle challenge that winter.  The first challenge ran in March 2020, thus the public birth of a lifelong concept of 3rd eye healing.

The first challenge was created because I had a hard time finding accurate information on this dance style that intrigued me due to a lot of popularly viewed misinformation. I saw a problem, and chose to be part of the solution. But really, I am here because I feel called to be here. I am inspired to teach and pass a lifetime of mind-body exploration on to as many as I can throughout my life as it has completely shaped the person I am today.  Most people are unaware of the extent of healing that is the life practice of yoga. It is my purpose to pass on this information in my lifetime. I am a teacher, but I am a student first.  My experience has equipped me to pass on knowledge clearly and effectively while also helping individuals find intention behind their movement – to know why we do what we do provides us with so much direction and velocity. Lastly, I have always had a hard time truly finding community.  Shuffling became my home so fast so it warms my heart to bring beautiful people together to grow.  EM is about raising the human consciousness.

And when we do it together, it is amplified. Namaste.

Elev8ed Movement

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