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Oct 1, 2022 - Nov 30, 2022

Oct Start: Fundamental Program

  • 61Days
  • 124Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


2 month access to the 30 day dense breakdown Yoga flows (8) to teach you proper alignment and mobility within the joints and for the muscles to properly function 8 Limbs of yoga - shared philosophy toward a better aligned life Shuffle, Shape, Flow tutorials (20) teaching muscle mechanics and technique of the Melbourne shuffle, Cutting shapes, Charleston, arm flow, musicality, etc to help you fine tune and grow your own style! History to go along with each style Mindfulness prompts (30) to help expand the mind and open up spaces that may be holding us back in life Community Access (endless) we have community on Instagram where you will have a private group chat for the process Low BPM playlist suitable for learning and gaining confidence in movement Plenty of nuggets throughout the challenge. Most people say they receive completely different messages their second time through the program. It will meet you where you are at. There are many layers, a lot of depth, and levels to this. Come ready to expand, open, and let down your expectations for what you think things are supposed to look like. Everyone's journey and process look different, be patient, be gentle, be disciplined. And be sure to lead with unconditional love.

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