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Fundamental Program

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What is it

This is level one - where we learn the foundations of yoga, Melbourne shuffle, cutting shapes and take a look at the influential root of Charleston. I'm joined by guest instructors to provide a month full of Elev8ed Movement Original tutorials. We will also be learning about dance history, yoga philosophy, upper body flow, musicality, and exploring other mindfulness exercises. There is an app with a group chat feature connecting participants currently taking this program. This will be a home for the journey to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Over 7 hours of video content
(4 guest instructors)

30 journal prompts
Daily written explanations, reflections, and insights


who is it for

Anyone new to yoga, or shuffling will benefit from this program as it will leave them with tools to take their journey to the next level. This is also for any experienced dancers who have not spent time on foundation and fundamentals. Lastly, this is for anyone who may feel a little lost in their life and needs some guidance, connection, and confidence.  We're in the business of flow – beyond the dance floor and mat. I welcome individuals that want to embark on a journey of mind-body-soul exploration.  Dedication is necessary, willingness to drop the ego and learn new things – with a space to share our journey along the way.  All sorts of people come here, all for the same purpose, growth – which ends up coming to us in many forms. 

where is it

EM family is all over the world - the community is vast. The program is hosted through Wix and the Fit by Wix app.   Community Portion will take place on Band app! Join the vast worldwide Elev8ed community and enjoy community perks, shared experiences, connection to incredible beings in resonance with this movement here :

How does it work

​The online course releases daily, unlocking the next step only by completing the previous one. There is no specific time you have to be available - complete the program when you make the time to. The content is organized by days, but it is rare that one can get through all of this information in 30 days. Each day contains a video, text, and journal prompt (some days have history and philosophy as well).

There are many different portions of this program to take part in, so be as thorough as you please.  What you put into this experience is exactly what you will get out.

Participants are encouraged to record their practice as this helps us to analyze and learn faster as well as face the inner critic that arises as we move through the uncomfortablity of being on camera. If you are sharing/taking part in the community portion (highly recommended), this is where you can share your video to your socials (story and/or post) tagging @elev8edmovement #elev8edmovement and send it to the group on Band.

when is it

Whenever you are ready to start!

why fundamentals

I originally created this program as I saw many in the community were confused about
the difference between cutting shapes and shuffling – so that is where we spend a lot of time in this program. I also saw that many were lacking in the departments of balance, flexibility, mobility, and stability - we need yoga. We work foundation, technique, fundamentals, and groove because these are the tools that allow us to freely express ourselves within our favorite movements. Think of it as vocabulary and learning to speak more fluently.  We explore and develop our own style while honoring the culture and history of what has come before us. When we care about what we do, and we know why we do what we do, we get more out of our experiences.  This is bigger than us, it's bigger than dance. 

Program Contents

  • Daily content (over 7 hours of video content): Written explanations, reflections, and insight to go along with each video

  • 20 dance tutorials (anywhere from 5-20 mins ea) ranging from drills, to prompts, to conceptualizing movement

  • 8 yoga tutorials (15-30 mins ea)

  • 30 Journal prompts

  • Community Access: Connections across the world. Private chat for anyone currently moving through the program.

  • Dance history: Melbourne Shuffle, Charleston, Cutting Shapes

  • Yogic philosophy: Yoga beyond the mat and the 8 limbs of yoga

  • Support and instruction come from the program tutorials and group chat

vip add on

The VIP add on opens a direct line of open communication with Chelsee for 1 month – meaning participant can freely ask questions and seek guidance throughout their journey for that month. Chelsee will directly respond either in written or video response (subject to reasonable limitation and within a reasonable amount of time).

There will be an initial evaluation/consultation (to be completed upon sign up for VIP) and then a closing/recap evaluation at the end. Additionally, there are 2 private lessons (45 min ea) per month available. This is participants responsibility to schedule.​

Throughout the month, Chelsee will be helping participant to identify and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses provided through weekly check ins as well as moved toward developing their own unique style of flow.

Additional 1 on 1 private lesson time can be added at a discounted rate*

Valued at over $150

***only available to anyone that has access to the Elev8ed Movement Programs

options for purchase

This program is valued at over $400

You can now purchase the Fundamental program to keep it forever!

This is lifetime access and reference - continue to return back to this resource to sharpen up your baseline of movement! You will always have access to the newest updates and versions of the program and any changes made after purchasing!

If you participated during 2021, please send me an email so I can properly discount this price for you!

You can also rent to own using the monthly (or weekly) access. After 4 months (or 16 weeks) you will no longer be charged, and you will have access to the program forever.

VIP add on can be added at any time throughout your journey as a focus month!  I would love to assist you along your journey anyway I can.

One-time payment options for 6 week & 12 week rentals also available (these are the best values besides owning it!)

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***As aforementioned, it is very rare to be able to accomplish all this program has to offer within the 30 day design.  That has become apparent throughout the past year of running this program.  Due to this understanding, I have asked participants how long it would actually take if fully dedicated.  Of course, this depends on where you're at; I have had shufflers that have been on their journey for 5 years come through the fundamental program and learn A LOT - but they do not need as long with it as a brand new shuffler starting out here!

On average I have heard 6-8 weeks would be doable if one is committed and stays consistent.  I have also had quite a few participants return to the program 3-5 times.

If you are in need of a program scholarship, please fill out a contact form explaining your situation for a chance at a half or full scholarship.

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