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The VIP add on opens a direct line of open communication with Chelsee for 1 month – meaning participant can freely ask questions and seek guidance throughout their journey for that month (must be participating in an EM Program). Chelsee will directly respond either in written or video response (subject to reasonable limitation).


There will be an initial evaluation/consultation (to be completed upon sign up for VIP) and then a closing/recap evaluation and reflection at the end.


Additionally there are 2 private lessons (45 min ea) per month available. This is participants responsibility to schedule.​

Throughout the month, Chelsee will be helping participant to identify and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses provided through weekly check ins as well as moved toward developing their own unique style of flow.


Additional 1 on 1 private lesson time can be added at a discounted rate*

(To continue with VIP services a new Add on must be purchased for each month)

  • Initial consultation/evaluation/goal setting (schedule at begining of month)
  • Two 45-minute private lessons to be used at any time (within 1 month)
  • Access to Chelsee as a Direct resource (within 1 month)
  • Closing evaluation/reflection/check ins (scheduled for the end of the month)


Value over $150

VIP Add On

  • Upon purchase, you will receive a pdf. Please open and read this document in order to complete registration. There is a questionnaire to help us get started.  Check your email for a follow up email 3-5 days after purchase of VIP add on or completion of this form.  You will have one month of this direct line of communication starting from the first consultation or use of Chelsee as a resource

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