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The Elev8ed Movement Programs

Throughout the various Elev8ed Movement programs, we will be cultivating and developing our flow through connection with music, ourselves and our community. We will spend time working on full body movement within multiple styles, as well as spending a few days slowing WAY down.  Our movement will be healing and intentional, which builds beautiful habits that will stick with us.


This is most definitely a challenge - expect it. I encourage diving deep, and coming in with an open mind and heart. What you put into each challenge is exactly what you will get out of it. Leave your egos at home. Authentically sharing our journey is powerful; but also, if you're really not about sharing, you're still welcome - just know it is a completely different experience. Always remember, we're all on different journeys, and comparison is an act of violence against our authentic self.  Together, we grow exponentially and our intentions are amplified.


If you are ready to commit to your success through mindful and soulful movement, then click on the challenges below to begin. They are meant to be completed in order, and are sequential in level of difficulty.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Now Available


Coming soon

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