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"This challenge has always helped me move past a greater obstacle whether that be through dance or in my own personal life it truly brings out my spirituality and a greater sense of mind.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for us to completely be ourselves and taking us through this journey with you. I am eternally grateful and the level up not even just shuffling but, in my mind, and body really has changed me inside and out."

Mya @myakees05

"I’ve done Elev8ed Movement twice and each time have felt so much growth throughout the month. If I had EM when starting my journey, I can’t even imagine how quickly I’d see improvement in my shuffling and footwork. But, this isn’t just for beginners. Elev8ed Movement is for everyone! I’m going on 3 years of shuffling and this challenge has only made me stronger. But it’s not all about dance. The mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation that we’ve gotten into have improved my personal well-being and allowed me to expand my movement in ways I never really wanted to. And lastly, the connection you make with the community along the way is beyond words. Each month I have walked away with new friends and feels like a family every time. I highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone looking to elevate their movement, their minds, and connection in the community."

Amy @amyyconte

"Elev8ed movement challenge was the most informative and transformative challenge I’ve been apart of. Chels does an amazing job of teaching different styles of shuffling/shaping to make us aware of what were actually doing with the movements of our body. On top of that she shares information about yoga/health/wellness and how to connect with our minds and our souls. I will always love being apart of Elev8ed Movement"


Jenna @jpomaville13

"An incredible month filled with uplifting and positive vibes. From strangers to family, we all shared our love and appreciation towards each other every day. There was someone always there to bring you light or encourage you on your most doubtful days. Everyone brought such a unique flavors to the group which made us one spicy pot of pure talent. Shuffling with Elev8edmovement completely changed me. I love the dancer that I’ve become this month and know I can always count on this group to continue supporting me every step of the way."

"I found that the second time around I was able to dive deeper. There’s so many portions of the challenge that can benefit you. I was able to reach goals I never thought I’d meet, all while receiving support from some of the best humans I’ve ever met."

Liana @liana.bonilla

"I love Chelsee and the way she teaches and dives deep into every style,
I learned so much about myself this month!"

Emma @emmmma.xox

"Whether it be cutting shapes, DNB, styles of shuffling ranging from Melbourne to Malaysian or Miami-style to Cali-style, and even floor work, there is no better mentor or teacher than Chelsee. Talk about resourceful, this amazing dancer will not only breakdown any movement you aim to learn while perfecting movements you already know, but she will also school you with the wealth of knowledge she carries, breaking down which movements fall into what styles of dance, helping you better understand what style of dancer you actually are or what type of dancer you want to become. In the four months I’ve known and worked with her, the growth and elevation of movement I now possess is beyond my wildest dreams. I could not be more thankful for such a wonderful teacher and friend."


Brit @brit_meets_world

"The Elev8ed Movement Challenge is so special. Chelsee provides anything you could hope for to get a better grasp of how important and healing it can be to move your body and even just to connect more strongly with each other through the consciousness of our interactions. The best part is that you can really be at any skill or experience level to gain something from the challenge. Whether you are looking to improve your footwork and flow, experience the all-encompassing practice of yoga, or just have fun challenging yourself to discover new music and styles, you’ll surely get what you’re seeking... and so much more. I’m incredibly grateful for the connections I’ve made from this challenge, whether they were between myself and another human, or just between myself and my own personal reality. I could seriously spend al day saying the nicest things about this experience but there’s nothing quite like actually experiencing it yourself. Please give it and yourself a chance, and I assure you won’t be disappointed!"

Erin @eramoog

"Every shuffler should experience Elev8ed Movement, whether your a beginner or looking to advance, Chels has catered to every corner of the shuffling spectrum to take you to the next level. Even though I wasn’t able to finish the entire month long challenge, I still noticed improvements within the first day. The group chats are also a lot of fun to be a part of because you get to see everyone’s else improvement. So helpful & refreshing to learn, grow, & hype up other shufflers in your community. You’ll be sorry you didn’t hop on this sooner!"

Emily @emilyyyylynn

"I decided and was inspired to join The Elev8ed Movement Through Chels after her giving much support on my rare but enjoyed shuffle videos. Being someone who hates structure it was a good challenge to get out of my comfort zone and legitimately level up on my skills, and flow. I’ve created such a community with all of the dancers and appreciate the progress I was able to make in just a month. Forever grateful."

Taylor @taylorashtanga

"This was great! It pushed me and taught a lot of valuable skills, discipline, consistency, habits, motivation, etc.  It brought together a group of people to connect with each other."

Devin @fit_traveler_fins

"Elev8ed Movement seriously is a game changer when it comes to challenges, never have I felt so connected more to myself and body with the challenges and topics that is covered. You truly elevate your mind, body, and soul with the amazing teaching from Chelsee."

WilmaRana @_wrana_

"This challenge has helped me feel more comfortable dancing and being able to add new things to my dance vocabulary. I’m so glad I joined because it helped me dance during a time when I didn’t want to at all and everyone was so helpful in giving feedback and words of encouragement. I’m so happy I was able to “stumble” upon this challenge because I learned so much and met awesome people. Definitely recommend with any or no dance background."

Autumn @audipowless

"You get comfortable with those people and suddenly feel comfortable enough to look silly and try something new. I was afraid to dance in public or post videos of myself, but I don’t care anymore. This movement truly helps catalyze a lot of physical and emotional growth."

Adriana @cosmicbutterfl.y

"This was the BEST thing that could have happened for me. Although I was not able to participate everyday, I saw major improvements in my flow. Not only that, I met so many incredible people through this challenge! I would absolutely do it again"

Ana @ana_pike

"Elev8ed Movement has been one of the greatest training experiences that I have been a part of. Not only has it helped me to improve my flow, it has also helped me to better understand the origins of shuffle dance and all of the styles that have influenced this larger genre of dance. This challenge is about much more than just dancing though - I have learned so much about yoga and living a healthy life! Lastly, I am so grateful for the group of individuals I have been connected to. I think the community aspect of this challenge is the best part. I have nothing but love for Chelsee and all of the EM Fam! This is such a beautiful movement and I think everyone should be a part of it. Growth as a dancer and human is inevitable over these challenge months!"

Bailey @baybesta

"I can't express how thankful I am to have this experience during my shuffle journey. I feel like I have learned so much and became so much more confident in myself. Chelsee is an amazing beautiful soul! She helped me understand the technique and execution of moves I wouldn't attempt myself."

Nikki @nikkirubin_

"What a month. I have grown so fast the old me can’t keep up! EM has been the catalyst to me fully committing to my dance journey. Have learnt so much, met wonderful humans and tested my body’s capabilities and limitations to their max! This challenge has been a true light in a difficult time for me and I am truly so glad I embarked on it. Multifaceted - combing yoga and dance as movement medicine it has truly been a healing and growing and releasing experience.

EM pushes you to face your fears around movement, connects you to your body in ways that can’t really be explained-  you just have to do it to feel it! As a beginner - Having a safe encouraging environment to express myself through dance has been so special. Have loved it. Thank you"    

Jenny @fruit_makes_you_cute

"If you want a well rounded approach of learning shuffling, Elev8ed Movement is for you. This isn't just "how to" It is also "how it became" and "how I will become". This is a journey, and Chelsee makes it an enjoyable one. I would recommend this to everyone who has the desire to dance. I started this with ZERO shuffling skills or background. After this month, I now feel confident and know I am properly equipped with the right tools to shuffle safely and beautifully for years to come <3"

Marina @marinamarsxoxo

"I’d been shuffling for a while and thought I was really good. Elev8ed Movement showed me how many moves and styles there truly are and how much room for growth there always is. Not only that but Chelsee creates yoga and mindfulness practices to go with it to truly level you up as an entire being not just in dance."

Danielle @danielled1227

 I am so thankful to this challenge and the Elev8ed Movement community for being a positive, safe space to grow in my footwork & create new relationships with others who share a love for movement. I can’t wait to participate in the next one! 

Sagan @saggyevan

"This was my first movement month and it was unforgettable. I enjoyed having the groups to chat with daily and get inspired from, and support from Chelsee all the way through. Although I didn’t participate every single day, I was able to have a breakthrough in my shuffling within the first week and picking up on days through out the challenge to learn other dance forms was really fun. I’m grateful I was able to be apart of this awesome movement and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!"

Macey @_macespace

"The Elev8ed Movement is so much more than just a shuffle challenge. You get to know yourself, and you get to know so many amazing people who you will soon call friends. You gain essential information you did not know you needed or wanted to learn about yourself, and the world around you. You are choosing to take on a pivotal moment in life by stepping into this challenge! Only uncomfortable growth and unconditional love for 31 days, then you take the knowledge gained in that month to practice and share with others in your life!"

Jaden @jadentayloriv

"The Elev8ed Movement really was a movement that elevated my mind, body, and spirit to a higher level through daily posts, yoga sessions, and supportive comments along the path. ​

Chels is an amazing human full of knowledge and expertise in the realm of self care that truly cares about your well being, and has the wisdom to guide you along your path as well.

10/10 would recommend!"

Daniel @danieljtrevino

"The Elev8ed Movement Challenge transformed my understanding of dance, advanced my technical skills and broadened my sense of community. Chelsee Ramos designed this course to provide an opportunity for participants to develop physical skills and movement vocabulary along with yogic and mindfulness practices. She helps to inform her participants of the overall landscape of street dance while paying attention to the details of each step. She presents various styles of dance during the course and does so with humility and genuine appreciation. The month was structured in a  cohesive, thoughtful manner with each assignment building on the skills of the previous one. The tutorials were clear and easy to follow, while providing in-depth information about the origin or particular details of each step. She offered lots of one on one feedback and encouragement to all the participants, and I'm still not sure how she found the time. The community that formed around this challenge was supportive and engaged and I truly watched people grow in confidence and skill. For myself, I feel that I experienced the greatest physical transformation of my life. I learned new movements and refined basic steps I had been working on for months. The progress I made during that single month is still blowing my mind every single day. Because of this course I feel like I am beginning to put the pieces of this complicated dance together, although the learning is never ending and I will definitely join again next time this course is offered. I would say that this challenge is indispensable for anyone who wants to learn to shuffle, learn a variety of styles, increase their sense of physical and spiritual wellbeing or who just wants to dance."


Courtney @dance_on_the_ruins

"This challenge brought so much joy & value into my everyday life. By connecting me with like minded passionate souls who encouraged me to be the best version of myself I could be, I've never felt more supported during a global pandemic. Not only did it challenge me in the aspect of my dancing & yoga journey, but it also helped me get way out of my comfort zone both in person and online. Chelsee put so much time, effort and LOVE into making this an exciting and challenging learning experience for all levels! I highly recommend part taking in Elev8ed Movement because if you put in the time & effort it will help you level up in many more ways than one."


Emiliana @emilianaboni

"Elev8ed Movement gave me that extra push to challenge myself to grow not only as a shuffler, but as a dancer. By encouraging us to share our progress with the group, my confidence increased and I felt very connected with everyone else who was taking on the journey with me. It was awesome to be able to learn with girls from every skill level and notice how while there were some moves I struggled with, in other areas I found strengths. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants greater exposure to different styles of shuffling or is looking to meet others in the community."

Miranda @miranda_miller

"This challenge has certainly elevated my shuffling to the next level. I was struggling so much to learn how to do this and with the help of Chelsee, Amy and Liana as well as the group I connected with, I was able to let go and dance! I would recommend this to anyone who has been dying to learn to shuffle and or to incorporate different styles of movement to their dance. "

Sophia @soulphree_

"I would recommend this challenge to anyone. It is such a positive and welcoming community and any time I entered the chat or posted a video it was so uplifting. This challenge brings together the best people and I will 100% be doing it again. I also loved the class portion of the package I purchased because it allowed me to drill the moves I felt needed work, and get some one-on-one time with Chels and the other people in class. You will absolutely love this challenge and all of the wonderful lessons and connections that come with it!"

Emily @emily_westphal

"I started my footwork journey in May 2020 with this challenge. I've taken it four times now and every single time, I learn something new. Yes there's quick and easy stuff to learn day of, but the real magic is in the slow burn that happens over time. When you take this course multiple times, it is easier to get a real intuitive understanding of the different styles and where exactly my individuality fits into that. Without this challenge, I would be lost. If you're looking for a sign that this is right for you,


Marina @marinamarsxoxo

Elevated Movement will significantly improve your knowledge of dance, your confidence, and your overall mindset.  Chelsee is a beautiful human with a lot of wisdom to share!

Alex @alex.scho

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