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Private Lessons

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I meet people exactly where they are at! No matter what experience level, I am here to make sure you have a solid understanding of foundation before assisting in the exploration and refinement of new movement. I am here to help you develop your own style. I am happy to build this process around exactly what you want to accomplish. I will help you relieve yourself of fear that stands in the way of accessing deep states of flow and stepping into your true authentic expression. 


I teach tumbling, yoga, inversions, mindset, and dance! I have exercises and drills that can help with recovery, injury prevention, strengthening necessary muscles, and building muscle memory. We will focus on fundamental movements along with exercises that encourage the mind-body-soul connection.


Dance styles include: Melbourne shuffle, cutting shapes, drum and bass step, Malaysian and Cali style shuffling, house step, Charleston, and floor work. Notes and videos will be provided after each lesson.


Yoga concepts I enjoy teaching: posture and alignment, breath work, asanas (poses), inversions (headstand, forearm stand, handstand), meditation, and vinyasa style sequencing. 


Please fill out a contact form if you have any questions before purchasing. 

If this is something you could really use, but cannot currently afford-

please feel free to contact me explaining your situation.


If I can help, I will.

Let's get to work

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